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Many of these articles are for self-reference. Some are written unedited in the midst of a troubleshooting session. If a few of them appear a bit rough, that’s why.

WooCommerce Variable Products

WooCommerce Variable Products

You can log into the staging site to test your changes before publishing to the live site, at 1. Change product from ‘Simple Product’ to ‘Variable Product’. 2. In the ‘Product data’ menu to the left hand side, click ‘Attributes’. Change ‘Custom product attribute’ to ‘Package Size’. Click ‘Add’. 3. Enable ‘Visible on the […]

Cloning a WordPress Site – Guide

Dolly the Sheep - The Original Clone

cloning: -copy files to working directory (not in a live environment which can be accessed via HTTP) -copy database; create a new user and password for the database. -edit wp-config.php –database credentials –secret keys –any directory related entries –set jetpack to developer -also check wp-settings.php –historically, there haven’t been hard coded directories in here, but […]

WordPress & WooCommerce: modifying the ‘Edit order’ page.

WooCommerce admin; showing the 'Order actions' metabox

The ‘Edit Order’ page can be modified; more specifically, the ‘Order actions’ metabox can have custom actions added to it. Recently, I needed to add the ‘Cancel Order’ function to this list of ‘Order actions’ in the metabox. It’s always handy, to further your understanding of the internals, to have some official WordPress & WooCommerce […]

Adding admin user to WordPress database

Adding admin user to WordPress database

From: Editing the wp_users table Click on the table you want to view Click on the Insert tab We will need to insert a row into the database with our admin users information. Click on the “Insert” tab in order to bring up the phpMyAdmin insert form. Insert the following information: user_login – this […]