I am the sole proprietor of Maritime Method Software.  I have a keen interest in breaking down barriers & providing access to technology.

My current technical focus is developing custom technology solutions, utilizing free and open-source software wherever appropriate.  I have experience using and modifying both the Drupal and WordPress Content Management Systems; I’ve been working on custom modules and themes.  It continues to be a great learning experience.

I’m also continuing to learn more about 3D Printing technology, specifically with the RepRap self-replicating manufacturing machine, as well as automation with the Arduino programmable microcontroller.

My experience with computers began when family members from all sides helped introduce the Commodore 64 personal computer.

My family is from Sydney Mines, Cape Breton.  I grew up in Rines Creek, near Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia.  My grandparents, from both sides of the family, owned and operated small businesses.  Where I grew up, my parents Shawn & Sandra ran an art studio and wood shop out of the basement of our home.

I moved to Halifax in 1999 to attend university, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics and Computing Science.  I’m very comfortable living here, enjoying the spirit and encouragement of like minded people.

Other than working with computers, I’m continuing at Dalhousie University as a part time student, studying biology with an interest in computational genomics.  I tutor mathematics and I’m quite involved with music.

Email Contact: Steve@MaritimeMethod.software