With Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, you will have dedicated resources for your website. If your website receives a lot of traffic, you’ll want to be on a VPS.

Perhaps more importantly, with regard to email, you might benefit from a VPS.

With shared hosting, you share the global reputation of the email server with dozens of other guests. In practical terms, this means that if someone else on the shared email server starts sending out spam, the server’s IP address might find itself on a global email blacklist and you might have deliverability issues when you try to send emails.

That said, we have anti-spam measures in place on the shared server and as far as I know, in the past 3 years since I’ve been using this particular server there’s never been an issue of this sort.

Nevertheless, with a VPS, you will have your own IP address and you will know for certain that you are solely responsible for the global reputation of your email server.

If you are conducting any mass email marketing campaigns, we would kindly ask that you do so from a VPS rather than the shared server.

We have greater control with a VPS and we can institute measures to improve your email deliverability or we can fine-tune your spam filters. The shared server has good spam filter mechanisms in place but our control is comparatively limited.

With a VPS, we can increase the amount of storage space necessary for your organization. Storage space is very costly on the shared server.

Running on a VPS allows for some unique software opportunities. Our shared server is capable of running many software packages (WordPress, Drupal, NextCloud, FrontAccounting) but a VPS is much more flexible, allowing for custom software packages or other enterprise-level software suites such as ERPNext.

For medium-sized enterprises, or for anyone else who uses multiple gigabytes of storage for emails, we often recommend a VPS for hosting emails and websites. It provides a greater level of control and it scales well for the future. We can increase RAM, CPU, or storage on the fly.

Maritime Method Software will analyze your current email setup with you. If it seems to be working well and your current fees seem reasonable, we won’t recommend switching to our servers. We don’t want to spend our time on something which causes disruption, however minimal it might be, if you aren’t going to benefit from it.

If we decide to stick with your current email provider, you might still benefit from switching to our shared hosting server for your website. Don’t let the idea of shared hosting worry you: this is a very high performance setup with plenty of features. Every tenant has their own container for websites and emails.

Your new server might even provide the opportunity of technical solutions for your company we haven’t yet considered. There are a variety of cloud-based applications ready to install for you.

Managed Shared Hosting:
5 GB of storage, 30 GB month traffic.

$80 / year. Domain name registration fees Extra; usually $30 / year per domain.

Managed VPS Hosting:
10 GB Storage, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB monthly traffic, for starters

$250 / year. There is an initial, one-time $180 set up fee.
Includes 5 hours tech support per year; additional support $30 / hour.