Offering consultation and custom information technology solutions, based in Halifax Nova Scotia but operating across Canada and beyond.  If you’re interested in a discussion, please do get in touch.  We can help provide you with an internet presence or other technical solutions for your organization.

Geared for individuals, small to mid-size organizations, entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

Favouring a collaborative approach, whether it be short- or long-term, we can work together toward a comprehensive technical solution or on any smaller part thereof. We’re able to provide you with an entirely hands-off experience, while maintaining access to the high-tech tools you might need.

We will ensure that you are not locked into any particular service, that you are free to migrate to new services at any time.  We can discuss the choices that will help ensure that freedom.

If you have existing services, software or otherwise, we can work with those.  If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll first build a relationship of trust, followed by the formation of a technical foundation that you are comfortable with, finishing with polish.

Send an email to Stephen MacDonald, about anything you might like to discuss.